3|Ryuta Iida

3|Ryuta Iida

3|Ryuta Iida

Ryuta Iida was born in 1981 in Shizuoka. As a sculpture stu- dent at Nihon University College of Art, He won the grand prize in the 22nd Exhibition of Graphic Art Hitotsubo-ten, and a Kitano Foundation scholarship. His career has grown from strength to strength, with works shown at various venues and exhibitions, such as graf media gm, Fact of Accu- mulation 07, Osaka 2007, Bunkamura Gallery Arts & Crafts and Gallery +, Tokyo 2006 and more. He teamed up with Yoshihisa Tanaka, a graphic designer at Coil, to form the unit [ Nerhol ], which exhibited at Tokyo’s Calm and Punk Gallery. Iida is always searching for new points of inspiring intersec- tion between his own practice and that of artists and domains which he actively relates to.“A thing having a sense of material and a sense of information,A thing for which the act relates a direct desire,A thing which is common and any- body has,It is a book which I choose as material.”Iida uses paper and books, common everyday objects as material for his sculpture. Iida’s approach to his chosen medium liberates the letters and text from the programmatic nature of the book, whose typical function and being revolves around its thickness and readability. In this way, he fundamentally changes our stereotypical conceptions of what books and letters are.




3 飯田竜太
仕様:H408×W273mm /タブロイド版新聞サイズ
カラー、24 ページ

飯田竜太/Ryuta Iida
1981年静岡県沼津市生まれ。2004年日本大学芸術学部美術科彫刻コース卒業。自ら収集した古書や稀覯本を素材にして、それらの書籍に「彫る」という行為を施し独自の立体作品をつくる手法を確立する。2004年「第22 回グラフィック一坪展」グランプリ受賞。2007年graf media gmにて初個展、2009年「岡本太郎現代芸術賞」入選。2010年は台北のPF gallery にて三人展「手感的妙PART1」やFUBON ART FOUNDATION 主催の「VERY FUN PARK」へ参加。国内ではと艾未未らとともにコム デ ギャルソンのDMシリーズのひとつとして作品が採用される。また『トマス・ピンチョン全小説』の発行に際して処女作「v.」の装画や、荒木飛呂彦責任編集『JOJOmenon /ジョジョメノン』に寄稿した吉本ばなな書き下ろし短編の挿絵なども担当。